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Join Our Guardian Program

Become part of the Huckleberry Doodles Family!

Here at Huckleberry Doodles our guardians are part of the Huckleberry Doodles family, and we strive for honesty and professionalism in our relationships with each family. If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our available pups, please fill out the application below.

Basics of our Guardian home program

Once a guardian family has been approved through our application and an interview, a future mama or papa puppy or dog will be placed in their home at a discounted rate/fee of $500 under our guardian home contract. The puppy or dog will be part of our breeding program, while also living with their guardian home family as their pet. There will also be some monetary compensation for the guardian family when the dog is used for breeding purposes. When the contract is complete, the dog will get spayed/neutered, and the guardian family will become the sole owner of the dog. The guardian families benefit by getting a “pick of the litter” quality pet at a very affordable price, and we benefit by knowing the dogs in our breeding program are well taken care of in responsible, loving homes. The puppy also benefits by getting to live with and be loved by one family for their entire lives.

Expectations for Our Guardian Families

- As part of our breeding program, we have Bernedoodles, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Poodles, and Irish Doodles. Ages range anywhere from 8 weeks to 1+ year old when coming into our program and guardian homes.

- Guardian families must maintain open communication with us for the duration of the contract. We will be sure to clearly communicate and work with you in an honest and professional manner as well. This is very important to the entire process.

- Guardian families need to have prior experience with dogs/puppies and know how to train or be willing to learn. This includes crate training, house manners, and obedience training. Guardian family must also keep socialization a priority. We want all our dogs to be balanced, well-socialized, and trained. This is a must.

- Guardian families must live within the Phoenix valley and have a home and a fenced yard. Guardian families must be willing to drive to our house when dog is needed for breeding purposes or testing.

- The Guardian must care for the puppy responsibly, making sure the puppy is up to date on all veterinary health needs, vaccination, deworming, etc, including emergencies. We will financially cover all breeding related vet costs.

- Guardian families must be responsible for keeping the dog’s coat maintained with regular brushing at home at least a couple times a week and professional grooming every 8-12 weeks.

- Guardian families must be willing to send quality photos and videos to Whitney to use on social media and online periodically. We love showing off our amazing mamas and papas with their families.

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